Cochise Stronghold Retreat has now become
Dharma Treasure Retreat at Cochise Stronghold…

In the summer of 2018, Dharma Treasure bought Cochise Stronghold Retreat. If you are interested in a peaceful retreat space for meditation practice please see DharmaTreasure.org.

We THANK YOU for your support and interest, it was wonderful to serve you here in this sacred place for so long.

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    Dharma Treasure is operating as a spiritual center for meditation/ contemplation and practices done in deep solitude.  

    Currently they have a 6 night mininum stay, though at a much lower rate than the B&B did.. there are plans to offer the opportunity for shorter stays as long as guests fully understand that it is a place of deep quiet/ noble silence and are willing to take the opportunity to “retreat”.

    Thanks again for your interest, it has been my great joy to operate Cochise Stronghold Retreat for over 2 decades… but “everything changes”.

    in joy and service, 

Nancy Yates 

  • Relax, renew, romance.
  • Walk trails through evergreen oak, juniper, madrone and manzanita woodlands.
  • Watch for wildlife such as deer, javelina, coatimundi, fox, ringtail cats, badger…
  • Stargaze clear night skies far away from any other lights while soaking in the hot tub.
  • Explore sculptured stone formations rising to 7,500 ft, climb world-class ranked granite cliffs and peaks.
  • Bird watch from the shade of a large tree or your private patio. Enjoy the comforts of sustainable design.
  • Hike to nearby ancient rock art, investigate local ecology, geology, history.
  • Celebrate nature and spirit in a land of immense beauty!

Cochise Stronghold Retreat, now Dharma Treasure Retreat at Cochise Stronghold is:

  • A magical place encircled by mountain peaks and lush native vegetation.
  • Secluded and quiet; surrounded by 64,000 acres of evergreen forest.
  • A wilderness destination in the wild, wild west; off the “beaten path.”
  • Cooler, located at a 5,000 feet elevation in the Dragoon Mountains.
  • A friendly, welcoming, peaceful sanctuary.

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