Rent the Ranch

In the Heart of this Mountain Stronghold, Every Occasion Comes to Life


The entire facility for your exclusive use.  Perfect for reunions, multi-family vacations, gatherings, celebrations and retreats.  Beautiful outdoor settings and amenities for dining and play in the privacy of the canyon.

rent-the-ranch-3Try something different for your next business meeting – plug in outdoors on a shaded porch and jump start creativity. Your group will enjoy team-building activities, break-out sessions walking on the mountain trails, clearing and invigorating minds and bodies. Enjoy brunch, picnic lunches, BBQ or a sit-down dinner set in our evergreen forest habitat.

Once you’ve seen the beauty here, you’ll know why it’s a “natural” for social, inspirational, educational and business events.
We recommend planning early, the entire facility is often only available far in advance.


rent-the-ranch-4We prefer that all events be no larger than 20 people. For attendees beyond our maximum of 14 overnight guests who wish to stay on-site, we can coordinate group bookings at other local venues.


We work with highly reputable caterers and can provide recommendations.